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Expanded Sales network in the USA

We are forcefully expanding our sales network in order to support you in any requirements concerning ultra-pure handling. Dean Turnbaugh (NTV, LLC) and his team are now our sales agents in the USA covering sales & service for this area.

How to contact Dean:

E-Mail: ntv@zs-handling.de

Telefon: +1-512-261-1462

Mobil: +1-512-413-5359


Case Study: Production of lithium-ion high-performance batteries


In the field of cell-assembly, the production of lithium-ion high-performance batteries creates new challenges for handling systems that stack or unstack foils. Suitable for gentle, fast and safe picking up as well as placing of foils, non-contact gripping and linear transport systems based on the ultrasonic suspension technology avoid carryover particles.



The ultrasonic suspension generates a compressed gas-film (air or process gas) between substrate and foil-gripping head/linear gripping system avoiding any mechanical contact to the surface of the foil.

Rotating, sideways edge stops at the gripping head stabilize the foil against sideways accelerating forces of the motion-sequence. Through the adjustability of these sideways edge stops to three different positions (anode, cathode and isolator) the carryover of particles from anode and cathode is avoided. In contrast to foil-gripping heads, highly efficient linear-gripping-systems must be individually adapted to the respective foil material.

The single linear-gripping-systems (anode, cathode and isolator) each pick one foil, transport it to the stacking-position and place it. In order to stack the foils the individual linear-gripping-systems are combined. Both foil-gripper and linear-gripping-systems can handle or grip anode-, cathode- as well as isolator foils.

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