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Case Studies


Testing substrates (wafers, glasses) for matierial failure, outbreaks, cracks and contamination during the handling process.


Trends in Industry

Substrates are increasingly thinner an thus requiring an increeasingly safer and smoother handling. At the same time higher troughput and lower breakage rates are required.


Our solution: Using glass as material for the Sonotrodes

Using glass as material of the transfer systems, the substrate can be inspected by optical means through the glass. Thus it is also possible to inspect the subtrates from the backside without interfering edges (which are for example given for common conveyer belt system). 


Advantages using the Ultrasonic Suspension


  • Smooth and non-contact handling.
  • Fast inspection of up to 3600 substrates/h.
  • Both backlight technique and refelection illumination can be used for substrate inspection.
  • Rapid integration of new or additional inspection modules.



Your benefits
  • Lowest breakage-rates
  • Lowest energy-consumption
  • Modular design
  • No air-supply and -conditioning
  • No dynamic turbulences in surrounding gas
  • No negative influence on air-flow in clean-rooms

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