Semiconductor Wafer-End-Effector

Our non-contact end-effectors using the ultrasound air bearing technology can be installed on any common wafer handling robot. The system is suitable for any atmospheric process. The ultrasound air bearing generates a supporting gas-film (air or process-gas) between its surface and the substrate. Thus any mechanical contact is avoided. The wafer is hovering friction-free on the supporting gas film at a height of 100 μm. Therefore 4 side-stop-pins (2 are movable) are required to transmit the lateral acceleration of the robot to the wafer. The wafer is only fixed by these pins but not clamped.

The dimensions fit to standard wafer cassettes (SEMI compatible).

Données techniques
Electrical Equipment 30 W, 230 / 110 V
Surface materials available Anodized aluminum
teflon-coated aluminum
Weight quarz-glass
Distance (tool-substrate) 1700 g
Substrate sizes 100 μm
4–18” /100–450 mm
  • The ultrasound air bearing technology offers a series of benefits compared to state-of-the-art solutions.
  • No surface damages due to non-contact handling
  • No particle deposition, no influence on your clean room conditions
  • High planarity of the substrate during transfer process
  • Loading /Unloading
  • Gripping
  • Flipping
Aspects originals
  • No mechanical contact between handling-device and wafer
  • Handling at processed/coated surfaces
  • Top-side handling (special design)