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Handling of Hot Substrates in Production Processes


Maintain the temperature profile of substrates during handling- and production processes.

  • Handling of die-plates at thermoforming processes

  • Annealing of substrates

  • Drying and hardening of coatings on substrates

  • Controlled crystallization, curing of defects

  • Aging

  • Hardening

In many processes, the substrates are influenced by the handling tools. Direct contact enables contamination as well as heat transfer, leading to temperature deviations like hot spots or cooled zones.

To avoid these negative effects, the handling tools usually have to follow the temperature profile of the process. Non contact handling using the Ulrasonic Suspension Technology guarantees the thermal insulation of the substrate. Thus negative effects on the temperature profile of the substrate are avoided.

Conventional non-contact handling systems like air bearings cause deviations in temperature by heat transfer as the air flow cools the substrate. Pre-heating of the air supplied to the air bearing is very expensive. These costs can be saved using the Ultrasonic Suspension Technology.

Non-Contact Handling Using Ultrasonic Suspension Technology

thermally insulates the substrates from the handling device and maintains the temperature profile of the substrates.


Ultrasonic Suspension Technology – Homogeneous temperature distribution

A homogeneous temperature distribution is provided by a sonotrode covering almost the entire surface of the part. Heating-up the sonotrode additionally maintains the thermal profile. Adjacent areas relating to the substrates surface must also be homogenous.


Benefits Using Ultrasonic Suspension Technology

The use of the Ultrasonic Suspension handling devices provides a significant and enormous reduction of the costs of ownership (up to 80%) due to:

  • No additional pre-heated conditioned process gas (air)

  • Smooth and non-contact handling

  • Maintaining the temperature distribution in the substrates

  • Rapid heating of the substrates without impact of the gripping system

  • No influence on the temperature profile of the production process by handling devices

  • Easy integration of new or additional handling modules