WGB_300 Chuck


Concerning atmospheric semi-wafer-handling the ultrasound-air-bearing-technology offers a great many of important benefits.


First of all there is noch mechanical contact between the handling device and the subustrate. Besides the systems distribute the handling forces throughout the whole surface of the substrate. Also the shape of geometrically instable parts can be supported. Also top-side handling is not a problem for our devices.


The low energy consumption (approx. 10% of aerodynamic system) is an important step forward to green fabs.


Beyond that we already provide applicable solutions for 450 mm (18 inch) wafer handling, irrespective of wafer thickness.


  • Environnement de salle blanche
  • Éviter la contamination
  • Substrats minces (plquettes)
  • Pièces de formes flexibles


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