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Non-Contact Handling Systems

Semiconductor industry never had the highest requirements for cleanliness and gentle handling. With the unique non-contact ultrasound-air-bearing technology, ZS-Handling GmbH has established a completely new dimension for the handling of substrates in the semiconductor industry.


We are addressing today's challenges in semiconductor industry

High yield:

Increased yield by minimizing contamination.


Edge stress:

Avoidance of any kind of edge or surface stress.


Fragile substrates:

Handling during all processes must be gentle enough to prevent microcracks and edge chipping.


Thinner and thinner substrates:

Realize transportation possibilities of substrates that may be bent by their own weight.


Wedged substrates:

All processes must be tolerant to substrates of varying thickness.


The Trendsetter:

At home in the photovoltaic industry. as well as in the semiconductor and FPD industry, ZS-Handling GmbH plays a trend-setting role in Europe, Asia and North America.

We provide a comprehensive range of products with several revolutionary novelties for non-contact and gentle handling of solar cells and wafers. These solutions are targeting yield increase as well as the profitability of your production lines.


A Promising New Approach: The Ultrasound Air Bearing


Non-contact Wafer-Handler

The non-contact handling systems provided by ZS-Handling can be applied in any process environment. The ambient air or process gas is compressed by ultrasound, so that standard or thin wafers are levitated, without contact, along defined tracks. The substrates are centered by adjustable side-stops.


Non-contact Wafer-Chuck

For our chucks, the repelling ultrasound forces are used in combination with attracting low-pressure forces. This technique enables an easy-to-use non-contact handling of parts, very much like the familiar top-side-gripping of parts. Additionally flexible parts can be flattened and kept in position and geometry by this technique, without any contact to the handling tool. The substrates are centered by adjustable and moveable side-stops.

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