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All of our handling systems use the ultrasound-air-bearing which can be applied in any atmospheric process.



Ultrasound is vibration at frequencies beyond the upper limit of human hearing (f>20 kHz). It is generated by transducers which are powered by separate power electronics. The ultrasound generates a compressed film of air with repellent forces. Combinations of procedures make forces of attraction possible – at all instances non-contact.


A promising approach: The Ultrasound-Bearing

Our non-contact can be used in atmospheric processes. The ambient gas (air or process gas) is compressed by ultrasound. Consequently workpieces can be levitated and conveyed without contact. In combination with negative pressure, workpieces can also be gripped on the top – without contact.

The ultrasound-air-bearing consumes less energy as other state-of-the-art handling technologies.



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