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ZS-Handling GmbH headquartered in Regensburg (Germany) develops, manufactures and sells non-contact handling systems and industrial automation solutions. The company is focused on handling of sensitive parts (contamination, damage) and fragile or dimensioanlly instable parts. ZS-Handling was founded in 2006 by its managing directors Dr.-Ing. Michael Schilp and Dr.-Ing. Josef Zimmermann.


ZS-Handling is using the company-owned

  • Ultrasonic Suspension Technology.


This unique and extensive patented technology enables industrial customers to handle parts without mechanical contact.


Using the Ultrasonic Suspension Technology ZS-Handling offers ultra-pure and ultra-safe handling solutions for a wide range of applications.


The compay's core competences are vibration-analyseis, structural dynamics, flow-simulation (gases) focused on high frequencies. Also including ultrasound-generation, control technology and process-tool-design. This unique portfolio of skills enables us to provide industrial handling solutions to our customers.


ZS-Handling is ISO 9001:2008 certified (Certificate No. 12 100 38060 TMS).

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