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The ultrasound-air-bearing is the best response to fragility and surface-sensitivity of crystalline wafers in photovoltaics.


The lowest known breakage-rates (< 50 ppm) and the considerably higher througput of our systems (up to 7200 wafers/h) are leading to a significant increase of production output.


Due to the small footprint our devices can easily be implemented into existing production systems.


The low energy consumption (approx. 10% of aerodynamic system) is an important step forward to green fabs.



  • Haut débit
  • Temps de cyle minimales
  • Taux de rupture faible
  • Substrates minces
  • Warpage
  • Test on-the-fly

  • Chargement
  • Déchargement
  • Transport
  • Tri
  • Singulation