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Photovoltaic Wafer-Handling
PV Verzweigung  

Photovoltaic Wafer-Distributing

Distributing wafers and cells from one to several tracks


Due to the equilibrium of forces between low pressure, ultrasound and gravity, wafers can be gripped from the top-side and transferred by the system.
Once the the wafer is above its target position the low-pressure is turned off. The repelling ultrasound force makes the wafer slide into its target position.

The wafer is dropped off smoothly. Substrates can be sorted to many different kinds of container systems, like cassettes or carrier, matrixcarriers, stacks or belts.


The principle of the ultrasound-air-film technology


Our handling systems can be applied in any atmospheric process with the use of ultrasound-air-film technology. The ultrasound-air-bearing generates a supporting gas film (air or process-gas) between surfaces and  substrates, therefore, any mechanical contact is avoided. The substrate hovers on or below the supporting gas film.

Technical Data
Air Consumption 40 l/min, 40 mbar per drop-off-segment
Electrical equipment max.100 W / 230 V (Ultrasound)
max. 200 W / 230 V (Vacuum)
max. 40 W / 24 V= (drive)
Interfaces available PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherCAT, OPC
Distance (tool-substrate) ~100 μm
Loading Capacity customized
Number of Cassettes customized
Cycle Time (Throughput) 0.5 s/Wafer (2 Wafer/s) / max. 4500 wafers/h
Your Benefits
  • Lowest breakage-rate (< 70 ppm)
  • Higher throughput (4500 wafers/s) / short cycle times
  • Lowest energy consumption
  • Modular design for more degrees of freedom in process and machine design
  • Distributing and feeding of pv-wafers/cells
  • Pick & place processes
  • Flexible Feeding from: Carriers, Cassettes, Belts
  • Picking: Up to 2 wafers/s (0,5 s / wafer)
  • Non mechanical contact between the tool and the substrate
  • Suitable for thin wafers down to 100 μm
  • Picking / separation distance up tp 12 mm
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