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Photovoltaic Wafer-Handling

Photovoltaic Wafer-Linear-Module

Our wafer handling systems use ultrasound-air-bearing and can be applied in any atmospheric process. The ultrasound-air-bearing generates a supporting gas film (air or process-gas) between surfaces and substrates, therefore, any mechanical contact is avoided. The substrate hovers on a supporting gas film.


Linear Track in Solar Cell Production Application

Substrates hover at an adjustable height of 200 - 500 μm. Certain configurations enable up to 5 mm or more. The non-contact linear tracks facilitate a smooth and friction free transport of substrates.

The track is tilted by 5 - 10° against the transverse axis. A lateral feeder (conveyor belt) is positioned on the lower side. This enables substrates to only come into contact with the belt on one edge. Handling forces along the edge are minimal.


Double-Sided Inspection of Substrates

We offer two approaches to realize a double-sided inspection of substrates:


Intersection of the transfer system

with a gap up to 20mm. This distance can easily be crossed by the substrates, while the inspection is done through this gap (e.g. by optical sensors, linear cameras).


Using glass as the transfer system

The substrate can be inspected by optical means through the glass.

Technical Data
Electrical Equipment max. 50W, 230 V (ultrasound)
20W, 24V (drives)
Distance (tool-substrate) 200 - 500 μm
Cycle Time 1 wafer/s (1 s/wafer)
Interfaces available PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherCAT, OPC
Track Width 6,38
Track Length 6,38 - 39,69
Surface materials available anodized aluminium, teflon coating
Your Benefits
  • Lowest breakage rate (<70 ppm)
  • Low energy consumption
  • Modular design
  • Linear transport of substrates
  • Substrate Inspection (e.g. line cameras)
  • 1 wafer/s (1 s/wafer)
  • Non mechanical contact between the tool and the substrate
  • Double-Sided Inspection
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