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Photovoltaic Wafer-Handling

Photovoltaic Wafer-Picker-Module

Our wafer handling systems use ultrasound-air-bearing and can be applied in any atmospheric process. The ultrasound-air-bearing generates a supporting gas film (air or process-gas) between surfaces and substrates, therefore, any mechanical contact is avoided. Substrates hover on a supporting gas film.


Wafer Separation and Pick-Up Process

Separation and/or gripping processes without any moving tool-parts are made possible with our ultrasound-air-bearing. The most important advantage, aside from the ultra-safe non-contact gripping, is short cycle-times (higher throughput) compared to state of the art pick & place processes.


Special blow-units have been adapted to sort wafers at the top of the stack. The top wafer is taken close to the ultrasound vacuum picker unit and the substrate is then moved gently towards the transfer unit. The distance between wafer and sonotrode is 100 - 300 μm.

Technical Data
Air Consumption 40 - 80 l/min (separation)
Low Pressure 120 l/min, 40 mbar
Electrical Equipment max. 50 W, 230 V (ultrasound)
Distance (tool-substrate) 100 - 300 μm
Cycle Time 2 wafers/s (0,5 s/wafer)
Interfaces available PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherCAT, OPC
Your Benefits
  • Lowest breakage-rate (< 70 ppm)
  • Higher throughput / short cycle times
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Modular design
  • Wafer separation
  • Unloading
  • Pick & place processes
  • 2 wafers/s (0,5 s/wafer)
  • No mechanical contact between the tool and the substrate
  • Suitable for thin wafers down to 100 μm
  • Picking / separation distance up tp 12 mm
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