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Photovoltaic Wafer-Handling

Photovoltaic Wafer-Sorter-Module

Our wafer handling systems use ultrasound-air-bearing and can be applied in any atmospheric process. The ultrasound-air-bearing generates a supporting gas film (air or process-gas) between surfaces and substrates, therefore, any mechanical contact is avoided. Substrates hover on a supporting gas film.


Placing and Sorting of Solar Wafers and Cells

Due to the equilibrium of forces between low pressure, ultrasound and gravity, wafers can be gripped from the top-side and transferred by a conveyor belt.

Once the wafer is above its target position, the low pressure is turned off. The repelling ultrasound force slides the wafer to either a magazine, or its target position and then gently dropped. Substrates can be sorted by many different kinds of container systems, like cassettes or carriers.

Technical Data
Air Consumption 40 l/min, 40 mbar per drop-off-segment
Electrical Equipment max. 50 W, 230 V (ultrasound)
20 W, 24 V (drives)
Distance (tool-substrate) ~100 μm
Loading Capacity up to 3000 wafers/cassette (customized)
Number of Cassettes customized
Cycle Time 2 wafers/s (0,5 s/wafer)
Interfaces available PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherCAT, OPC
Your Benefits
  • Lowest breakage-rate (< 70 ppm)
  • Handling of thin wafers down to 100 μm
  • Higher throughput / short cycle times
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Wafer/cell sorting
  • Wafer/cell placing
  • 2 wafers / s (0,5 s / wafer)
  • Non mechanical contact between the tool and the substrate
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