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Absolutely Non-contact

If the shape of a part is congruent to the shape of the gripper, adequate self-centering force is generated and in the case of small parts (< 20 mm), this force can be many times higher than its weight. This allows for high transverse accelerations, or flipping of the gripper with the part.

The ultrasound-air-bearing technology can be applied to a wide variety of plane objects with reproducible and sound reflecting surfaces. Numerous industries and applications can benefit from this technology. Careful handling is only necessary in clean areas.

Your benefits
  • Lowest breakage-rates
  • Lowest energy-consumption
  • Modular design
  • No air-supply and -conditioning
  • No dynamic turbulences in surrounding gas
  • No negative influence on air-flow in clean-rooms
  • Semi-wafers and components
  • Photovoltaic-wafers and modules (PV)
  • TFTs / FPDs
  • Thin-film technology
  • MEMS and MOEMS
  • BioChips
  • Processed surfaces
  • Coated blanks
  • Surface-sensitve parts
  • Printed papers, foils and packaging materials
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