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Attracting and Repelling Forces

Thin substrates frequently show form-flexible behavior, mere forces can cause substantial deformation under.

At the same time, many processes (e.g. coating) require high planarity of workpieces during treatment. To comply with such requirements, we use a combination of repelling ultrasound forces with attracting negative pressure to distribute the handling forces homogeneously throughout the whole surface of the part.

This technology enables simple planing of workpieces without any mechanical contact. The parts are stabilized in their shape and kept in position.

Your benefits
  • Lowest breakage-rates
  • Lowest energy-consumption
  • Modular design
  • No air-supply and -conditioning
  • No dynamic turbulences in surrounding gas
  • No negative influence on air-flow in clean-rooms
  • Semi-wafers and components
  • Photovoltaic-wafers and modules (PV)
  • TFTs / FPDs
  • Thin-film technology
  • MEMS and MOEMS
  • BioChips
  • Processed surfaces
  • Coated blanks
  • Surface-sensitve parts
  • Printed papers, foils and packaging materials
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