Manipulation du verre

Glass Conveying Module

Our handling systems using the ultrasound air bearing can be applied in any atmospheric process. The ultrasound air bearing generates a supporting gas-film (air or process-gas) between its surface and the substrate. Thus, any mechanical contact is avoided. The substrate is hovering on the supporting gas film at a height of 50 - 500 μm.


Modular design

The non-contact conveyors facilitate a smooth and friction free transport of substrates. The systems are designed as modules which can be assembled to arrays of any length and width.


Double-Sided Inspection of Substrates

We offer two approaches to realize a double-sided inspection of substrates

Intersection of the transfer system

with a gap up to 20mm. This gap can easily be crossed by the substrates while the inspection can be done through this gap (e.g. by optical sensors, linear cameras).

Using glass as material of the transfer system

The substrate can be inspected by optical means through the glass.

Données techniques
Electrical Equipment max. 300 W, 230 V AC (ultrasound)
Distance (tool-substrate) 100 µm
nterfaces available PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherCAT, OPC
  • The ultrasound air bearing technology offers a series of benefits compared to state-of-the-art solutions:
  • No surface contact and therefore no damages due to non-contact handling
  • More degrees of freedom in process and machine design
  • High planarity of the substrate during transfer process
  • Conveying
  • Inspection
  • Coating
Aspects originals
  • No mechanical contact between handling-device and substrate
  • Handling at processed / coated surfaces