Photovoltaic Wafer-Sorter-Module

Our wafer handling systems using the ultrasound air bearing can be applied in any atmospheric process. The ultrasound air bearing generates a supporting gas-film (air or process-gas) between its surface and the substrate. The substrate is hovering on the supporting gas film.


Placing and Sorting of Solar Wafers and Cells

Due to the equilibrium of forces between low pressure, ultrasound and gravity, the wafers can be gripped from the top-side and transferred by the belt.

Once the wafer is above its target position the low pressure is turned off. The repelling ultrasound force maes the wafer slide into the magazine or reach its target position.

The wafer is dropped off smoothly. The substrates can be sorted to many differen kinds of container systems like cassettes or carrier.

Air Consumption 40 l/min, 40 mbar per drop-off-segment
Electrical Equipment max. 50 W, 230 V (ultrasound)
20 W, 24 V (drives)
Distance (tool-substrate) ~100 μm
Loading Capacity up to 3000 wafers/cassette (customized)
Number of Cassettes customized
Cycle Time 2 wafers/s (0,5 s/wafer)
Interfaces available PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherCAT, OPC
  • Lowest breakage-rate (< 70 ppm)
  • Handling of thin wafers down to 100 μm
  • Higher throughput / short cycle times
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Wafer/cell sorting
  • Wafer/cell placing
  • 2 wafers / s (0,5 s / wafer
  • Non mechanical contact between the tool and the substrate