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Dünnwafer PV Wafer Zelle throughput 2

The following future markets constitute the core business of ZS-Handling:

  • Fuel-cells and batteries,
  • Photovoltaics: crystalline silicon (cSi) as well as thin-film-modules,
  • Flat-panel-displays and
  • Semiconductors

We also provide handling solutions for other business units, like packaging or assembling of electronics. All solutions have one thing in common: high-tech made by ZS-Handling:

  • Ultrasound-air-bearing technology (ultrasonic suspension)

Browse through our website and find out about products and solutions for international market growth. In “Case Studies” you will find specific information for your industry sector.


The Trendsetter: Rooted in the FPD as well as Semiconductor and Photovoltaic industry, ZS-Handling plays a trailblazing role in Europe, Asia and North America. We offer an extensive product range with a number of revolutionary novelties for the non-contact and gentle handling of solar cells and wafers. Our solutions focus on yield increases in the productivity and quality of your production lines. The comparison of our products to the requirements of industry’s technology roadmaps like the ITRPV shows that the ultrasonic suspension technology today already exceeds the requirements of 2020 in terms of throughput, breakage-rates and wafer thickness.

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