Our handling systems use the non-contact ultrasonic bearing to pick and transport sensitive workpieces particularly gently. They can be used in all atmospheric processes and are also suitable for clean room applications.

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Using a vibration generator with separate power electronics, a compressed air film with repulsive forces is generated. In combination with attractive forces, e.g. with negative pressure, handling without contact is also possible from above.

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Innovative Technology:

Ultrasonic Suspension Technology

sonotrode quadratisch ultraschalllager zs-handling
sonotrode kreis ultraschalllager zs-handling
sonotrode bogen ultraschalllager zs-handling
sonotrode lang ultraschalllager zs-handling

The surrounding air or process gas is compressed by the ultrasound. This allows components to be lifted and guided along defined paths without contact. In combination with negative pressure, workpieces can also be gripped on the upper side - without touching them.

The ultrasonic suspension technology requires less energy than other non-contact handling technologies, such as bernoulli-systems (air bearing).

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The Advantages of Our Technology

  • Contactless handling on processed or coated surfaces is also possible from the topside.
  • No carry-over of impurities and no air turbulences -> significantly reduced risk of contamination.
  • No compressed air generation with complex and cost-intensive air conditioning required -> reduced energy consumption.
  • No introduction of mechanical stresses into workpieces -> no micro-scratches, no micro-cracks or other workpiece damages.
  • High flatness, also on form unstable substrates.
  • High positioning accuracy.
  • Easy cleaning and practically maintenance-free -> readout and correction of operating parameters possible during operation.
  • Suitable for automation solutions and high throughputs.
  • Can be operated both in air and in any ambient gas, e.g. inert gas.
  • Suitable for clean rooms (up to cleanroom class ISO 1).
  • Low life cycle costs (Total-Costs-of-Ownership [TCO]).
  • Double-sided inspection of substrates possible.

Frequently asked questions

For which applications ultrasonic technology can be successfully used?
Ultrasonic technology is already being used successfully in many industrial sectors. From the contactless handling of solar wafers to the contactless production of interocular lenses, there is a wide range of applications. A detailed list can be found under the Applications tab.

However, from experience we know that most of our products need to be customized. Please contact our sales team at any time, who will be happy to provide you with advice and support.

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ZS-Handling contactless conveying ultrasonic handling systems

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