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Frequently asked questions
1. Why use the ZS-Handling ultrasonic bearing technology?
  • Our handling equipment only requires electronic power supply and (in case of overhead handling) underpressure/vacuum.
  • By avoiding any surface contact the sensitive substrates are not damaged by microscratches, micro-cracks or contamination.
  • Because no additional air is injected, our systems cause no disturbance of the laminar air-flow within a clean-room environment.
  • In comparison to "traditional air-bearings" the operating costs are reduced, due to the avoidance of air-cleaning and -supply.
  • There is only a small maintainance effort.
  • The control interface allows a very good and simple system monitoring.
  • Our technology is compatible with any kind of process gas.
  • Thin and flexible substrates can be flattened during the handling process in order to reach a high surface evenness.
  • Topside handling of textured or coated surfaces is possible without any contact.
  • Process and machine design becomes more flexible due to these mentioned handling possibilities.

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