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ZS-Handling's non-contact handling technology offers significant optimization potential in many different areas of application. Of course, most customer requirements for non-contact handling technology are as special as the workpieces themselves, nevertheless, based on experience we try to assign our products to standardized applications.

In our standard product portfolio, the MicroLevi gripper in particular is universally applicable and is not only used in applications in the wafer industry and medical technology, but can also demonstrate its strengths in film and glass handling.

Of course, we know that non-contact handling not only means gripping specific workpieces, it also includes entire handling processes. For example, conveying substrates along a conveyor line from upstream processes to downstream processes. These applications can be found primarily in the glass industry, but also in packaging and fuel cell handling.

In the film industry, many areas of application can be found for our standard product LeviRoll, which can transport and deflect films along a specific route without contact. The same applies to packaging handling, where packaging may not be contaminated and must therefore be handled without contact.

A special field of application, which has only emerged within the last few years, is non-contact handling in medical technology. Special care is required when handling sterile medical products or fragile interocular lenses, which is why ultrasonic handling from ZS-Handling is particularly suitable for this area of application.

For more details on the application areas of our standard products, please see the link below. Please also contact us if you are interested in non-contact ultrasonic handling, but your application area does not coincide with the designated areas. We will be happy to test your substrates in our laboratory and prepare an individual feasibility study for you.

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There are as many application areas for non-contact ultrasonic handling as there are processes within and outside of our known application areas where non-contact handling is advantageous or necessary. In the classification of processes, we have tried to assign process sequences to our standard products as well.

In the improvement of processes it is the MicroLevi gripper, which can be used universally in many different processes to create sustainable optimization. These process sequences include loading and unloading, gripping, sorting and separating workpieces.

However, in many areas of application, there are other processes in addition to those mentioned, which occur upstream and downstream along a process line. For example, the inspection of workpieces should be mentioned in this context. After assembly, workpieces can be inspected for defects in the sense of quality control so that defective end products can be avoided. Non-contact handling systems are essential, especially for production within cleanrooms, in order to avoid contamination on substrates.

In the same context, the conveying of workpieces along a specific production line should also be mentioned, which should take place without contact in the case of sensitive workpieces. In this way, damage to the substrate can be avoided and inferior end products can be ruled out.

For more information about the processes ZS-Handling can realize by using contactless ultrasonic handling, please follow the link below. Of course, the mentioned processes are standardized procedures in order to be able to explain our product in the best possible way. If further processes not mentioned so far should occur within your production, please contact us and we will consider concretely how this process can also be realized by contactless handling.

Processes at a glance

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